The geodatabase is the common data storage and management framework for ArcGIS. It combines “geo” (spatial data) with “database” (data repository) to create a central data repository for spatial data storage and management. It can be leveraged in desktop, server, or mobile environments and allows you to store GIS data in a central location for easy access and management.

The geodatabase offers you the ability to

  • Store a rich collection of spatial data in a centralized location.
  • Apply sophisticated rules and relationships to the data.
  • Define advanced geospatial relational models (e.g., topologies, networks).
  • Maintain integrity of spatial data with a consistent, accurate database.
  • Work within a multiuser access and editing environment.
  • Integrate spatial data with other IT databases.
  • Easily scale your storage solution.
  • Support custom features and behavior.
  • Leverage your spatial data to its full potential.